What an amazing day we had yesterday!

We went along as part of the AVEN group and paraded with seemingly hundreds of other groups in the Pride in London Parade. We followed a tour not unlike the Monopoly board: starting just off Baker Street, walking along Oxford Street, Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, through Pall Mall and ending up in Whitehall for the party in Trafalgar Square.

All along the route, there were thousands of people waving, clapping, whistling, cheering and saying hello. We saw quite a few asexual people in the crowd along the route and plenty others that were keen to take leaflets and chat on the way.

Our march was noticed by a few in the crowd and official photographers on the day. They include:

Please get in touch if you have any more!

As for maaple, we were very much heartened by the support from the crowd and from each other in the group. We were all surprised by how many turned up. The day has inspired us to press on with our campaigns and we want you to be involved too.