At the moment, maaple is a very small organisation trying to achieve huge things. We’ve always said that we want to make things better for everyone, but we need help.

As an organisation that wishes to raise awareness of asexuality and bring tangible changes to all our lives, we want to be certain that we do things the best way possible. This can only be achieved by discussing maaple‘s future with more people. We believe that everyone is a stakeholder in what we are trying to achieve, so we must listen to what you are trying to tell us.

We want to give you a platform to speak and help mould the directions in which maaple moves. We are opening up the committee to more people. We wish to reflect the diversity of the UK by having specific places on the committee for: black and minority ethnic people (people of colour); disabled people; non-cisgendered people; and people from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, if you feel you can contribute to our cause and offer us new insights and perspectives in any way, please do get in touch!

As well as sharing your views on our activities, you would also help us to achieve our goals. Some of this will be fun (like coming up with campaigns) and some of this will be laborious (like writing letters and emails). We work hard, but we feel we can achieve great things. We hope that it will be an opportunity where we can make a real, positive impact on the world, changing society for the better.

If you’re interested, please get in touch via the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!