It’s been a little while since we launched Exhibit A and it has been terrifically exciting! We’ve had some wonderful and beautiful contributions!

Don’t forget that you can create your own poster by visiting our campaign page.

Exhibit A

The contributions for Exhibit A are from asexual people that are willing to tell the world that asexuality exists and that they are evidence that it exists.

Our first contribution came from the wonderful @acestheticc with beautiful doodles!

Marion posted this poster and has also been marvellously spreading the word!

The awesome @AceKnitaholic made this contribution!

And our very own George posted his, too!

Supporting Evidence

Individuals and groups are contributing their own evidence that asexuality exists by providing Supporting Evidence. They know asexuality exists and want to support asexual spectrum people.

Loughborough University’s LGBTA group shared their beautifully rainbow-ed poster!

University of Birmingham’s LGBTQ Association posted their wonderful ace-flagged poster.

And we had this awesome contribution from PS Laura Millward (@LGBTPoliceLeic)!

Stephen’s awesome colleague (@secretgeekguy uploaded this colourful poster!

Luke Allison, Newcastle University Student Union’s Welfare Officer (@NUSUwelfare), kindly uploaded his poster.

Durham University LGBTa group posted their cool poster on Facebook, too.

Withheld Evidence

Unfortunately, it is not easy to be openly asexual. Because of a lack of widespread awareness of asexuality and some hostility towards asexual spectrum people, many do not feel comfortable with coming out. However, the following people are incredibly awesome for making these contributions.