About maaple

The Movement for Asexuality Awareness, Protection, Learning and Equality is a small organisation campaigning on behalf of asexual spectrum people in the United Kingdom. Living in a society that normalises sexual relationships and glorifies sexual attractiveness can be isolating and distressing for people that do not experience sexual attraction in the same way. We strive for legal protection from discrimination, greater awareness and comprehensive sex and relationship education for the benefit of everyone.

Background facts

  • Around 1% of people are thought to be asexual, making around 7 million asexual people in the UK. For perspective, London is the only British city large enough to accommodate such a group.
  • Asexual spectrum people are not protected from hostility, persecution and harassment due to their sexual orientation by existing law. The Equality Act 2010 protects people that are straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual; it neglects to protect asexual people and others.
  • Sexuality can be described in a number of different ways: one component could be described as a spectrum of sexual attraction. Some people feel sexual attraction strongly and frequently, while some never experience it at all. Most people would consider themselves somewhere in-between these two.
  • The asexual spectrum includes people that don’t experience sexual attraction (asexuals), and those who consider their own experiences of sexual attraction to be less frequent (grey-asexuals) or more nuanced (demisexuals) than their peers.

How maaple can help the media and journalists

Asexuality is not broadly well-known or understood among the public. Consequently, asexual spectrum people face ignorance, prejudice and discrimination. Portrayals of asexuality in the media have the power to inform, educate and reassure. We work with media professionals to ensure that asexuality is portrayed accurately and sympathetically without stereotyping.

We have also worked to help journalists connect with individuals on the asexual spectrum to be interviewed for case studies.