Appearance on Fubar Radio

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Last week, Stephen visited FUBAR Radio to discuss asexuality with Ray Peacock and producer Nat King.
FUBAR Radio is an unregulated, uncensored radio station. This means that the content is considered edgy and includes words and content that some will find offensive, so please use your discretion before listening.
On the show, Stephen discussed his experiences […]

Equal opportunity monitoring

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Last week, Stephen gave a talk on how UK universities monitor their employees’ sexual orientations and how this information is used. Only one university includes an “Asexual” option, with three others allowing individuals to declare they are asexual, by being able “specify”.

Hopefully this talk will reignite a conversation about the efficacy of equal opportunity […]

Recent media mentions

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maaple and its representatives have been discussed in the media in recent weeks. This is particularly reassuring for us that the relevance of our aims are being understood and shared to a wider audience.
George was the topic of a piece about asexuality in politics, its lack of representation and the omission of asexual spectrum […]

Appearance on Pieces of Ace

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Stephen was invited to participate in a discussion of asexuality issues on the Pieces of Ace show on Sunday 17th January 2016. You can view the full video on YouTube.

Pieces of Ace perform a show every Sunday at around 7.30pm on their YouTube channel, where you can chat directly with the presenters and other […]

Exhibit A update

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It’s been a little while since we launched Exhibit A and it has been terrifically exciting! We’ve had some wonderful and beautiful contributions!
Don’t forget that you can create your own poster by visiting our campaign page.
Exhibit A
The contributions for Exhibit A are from asexual people that are willing to tell the world that asexuality […]

Help make us better

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At the moment, maaple is a very small organisation trying to achieve huge things. We’ve always said that we want to make things better for everyone, but we need help.
As an organisation that wishes to raise awareness of asexuality and bring tangible changes to all our lives, we want to be certain that we […]

Pride in London 2015

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What an amazing day we had yesterday!
We went along as part of the AVEN group and paraded with seemingly hundreds of other groups in the Pride in London Parade. We followed a tour not unlike the Monopoly board: starting just off Baker Street, walking along Oxford Street, Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, through […]