The emerging orientation

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Happy Asexual Awareness Week, everyone!
Coinciding with this event to raise awareness, we have published our report today on the equal opportunities monitoring in UK universities.
While there is a lot of work to be done to encourage universities to adopt our recommendations, it is also evident that there is plenty of good work being done […]

Exhibit A t-shirts available

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We’re very excited to offer you the chance to buy an Exhibit A t-shirt to help us with our campaign!
They’re available from Streetshirts and are made to order. They are priced at £5.51 plus postage and packing (£2.95 to the UK) so that we make no profit. At this moment, we want to raise […]

Exhibit A update

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It’s been a little while since we launched Exhibit A and it has been terrifically exciting! We’ve had some wonderful and beautiful contributions!
Don’t forget that you can create your own poster by visiting our campaign page.
Exhibit A
The contributions for Exhibit A are from asexual people that are willing to tell the world that asexuality […]

Launching Exhibit A

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Today we are launching our new campaign, Exhibit A.
We are often called the “invisible orientation”: awareness is well behind other sexual orientations and we need this to change if we are to fulfil our aims.
Therefore, we call upon asexual spectrum people, their friends, their families and all our allies, and everyone that believes in […]

Become a supporter

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Now that we’re up and running, why not join our illustrious list of individuals and institutions that declare their support to the aims of maaple?
Head over to our contact page and give us the details you wish to share with us!

Join us!

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Hello world!

And, of course, welcome! Please do join us in our ambition to make change for the better. We are group seeking to encourage an equal, tolerant and informed society. This doesn’t just benefit asexual people: everyone stands to gain from living in a welcoming, protective and just environment.

We will be launching our campaigns […]